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Welcome to LogReport

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Welcome to LogReport

Welcome to the LogReport project website. We transform raw data in network/computer system log files into valuable information for you.

Log files are often treated like the unwanted by-product of IT activity, sitting somewhere in a dark corner of a computer system, examined only occasionally, usually in the case of after-the-fact reactive problem solving. We aim to change this. These files contain the traces of computer activity, and by intelligently analyzing these traces one can increase existing system efficiency and improve future system design.

The LogReport project serves a dual purpose: developing and maintaining Lire, our Open Source reporting and analysis software, and serving as a nexus of documentation, ideas, and thought on the topic of log files and their potential applications.

You can download and install Lire to generate useful reports on email, dns, web server, firewall, and even printer log files. The list of Lire-supported services is growing every day.

The LogReport project would like to publicly thank all the volunteer developers who've contributed to the project.


2011-12-31: Lire 2.1.1 is released.

2009-03-14: Lire 2.1 is released.

2008-03-13: Lire 2.0.3 is released.

2007-05-29: The LogReport mailing lists are back online on a new server lists.logreport.org.

More news is accessible via the announcement(a)lists.logreport.org mailing list archive, which is archived. There is also a text archive of older news items.

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